June 27th 2018 | Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh


18 Jan
' Nominations Open '
4 May
' Nominations Close - New Extended Deadline '
25 May
' Shortlist Announced '
27 Jun
' Awards Dinner & Ceremony '


Connect Innovate Award

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Awarded to the most innovative use of ICT in delivering public services. The shortlisted nominees for this category will represent those public sector projects, solutions and products using digital technology to push the boundaries of what is possible.
Nominations should demonstrate:

  • How the project/solution has introduced new or leading edge technology, created different ways of working or a shift in approach the benefits service users
  • Measurable success – has the project/solution been deployed and what impact has it had on improving the organisation or services

Connect Digital Leader Award

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This award will go to a CIO, Head of IT/ICT or overall Head of IT. The winner will be an individual who has consistently demonstrated excellence in leadership, innovation and quality in the use and promotion of IT in their organisation to improve delivery of public services. Nominations are welcomed from prospective nominees themselves, their staff, peers or partner organisations.

NEW CATEGORY - Connect Rising Star

This new category is to recognise the outstanding efforts and achievements of the rising stars of the public sector IT industry – those who are below Senior Management or Director level, and who therefore represent the talent pipeline and the next generation of future leaders. Nominate a colleague in this category to reward your brightest and best talent and demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to developing talent. Judges will be looking for:

  • The nominee going above and beyond the daily requirements of their role
  • Strong demonstration of the nominee’s ability as part of a team and working on their own initiative
  • The impact they have had on the organisation

Connect Mobile Award

From healthcare and social services to frontline policing and environmental services, public sector workers are constantly on the move and technology is constantly evolving to ensure that being mobile doesn’t mean being disconnected. The Connect Mobile Award will recognise an organisation which has embraced the potential of mobile technology to deliver more effective services.

Connect ICT Team Award

Technology and digital services underpin the work of Scotland’s public sector bodies as never before and the vital role performed by ICT departments and project teams across the country is key. Nominations in this category will demonstrate outstanding performance by an ICT department or team, from technology support to improving operational efficiency and driving innovation and change.

Connect Citizen Award

In the face of increasing demand from the public for more accessible, 24 hour services which meet their needs and an ever increasing constraint on budgets, the pressure has never been greater for ICT professionals to develop innovative solutions for citizen engagement. The shortlisted nominees for the Connect Citizen Award showcase the most examples of projects and solutions which use ICT to engage with citizens and create citizen centred services.
Nominations should include:

  • How the project/service has improved the user experience
  • Benefits to the organisation in terms of obstacles/issues it helps overcome, efficiencies, etc.
  • How the product/service improves the organisations general level of engagement with the citizen

Connect Project Delivery Award

When a new public sector technology or IT project goes wrong, everyone knows about it. This award will recognise the many examples of large and complex projects being successfully developed and delivered each year across the public sector. The Connect Project Delivery Award will go to a project manager or project team that can demonstrate best practise in the successful delivery of an ICT project and nominations should demonstrate:

  • Did the project deliverables match or exceed initial objectives
  • Was the project completed to original timescale and budget
  • What external/internal obstacles were overcome to meet project objectives

Connect Data Insight Award

The Connect Data Insight Award will showcase the most effective use of data and analytics to inform public service design and delivery. Nominees in this category will demonstrate:

  • Innovative use of data management and associated analytics to tackle an identified social problem/organisational challenge
  • Effective use of data management and associated analytics to inform public service design and/or delivery
  • Benefits – what will be the real measurable benefits to either the organisation or services users, e.g. projected cost savings, reduction in patient waiting times, increased life expectancy, etc.

Connect Digital Health & Care Award

Scotland has long been in the vanguard of adopting new technologies to improve health and social care provision. The Digital Health & Care Award will recognise some of the most outstanding examples of these projects and nominations should demonstrate:

  •  How the project/solution solves a particular organisational or patient problem
  • What measurable benefits have there been to the organisation or the patient experience/wellbeing
  • How the project/solution has introduced new or leading edge technology, created different ways of working or a shift in approach the benefits service users

Connect Cloud Adoption Award

Despite all the hype and chatter around Cloud services generally, what impact has it been having on public services and public bodies? The Cloud Adoption Award will recognise some of the genuine success stories and pathfinders for cloud adoption in the public sector. Nominations should demonstrate:

  • The transformational impact of their adoption strategy on the organisation
  • How they have overcome security and cultural obstacles
  • Measurable benefits to the organisation