June 27th 2018 | Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh


18 Jan
' Nominations Open '
4 May
' Nominations Close - New Extended Deadline '
25 May
' Shortlist Announced '
27 Jun
' Awards Dinner & Ceremony '

Connect Project Delivery Award

When a new public sector technology or IT project goes wrong, everyone knows about it. This award will recognise the many examples of large and complex projects being successfully developed and delivered each year across the public sector. The Connect Project Delivery Award will go to a project manager or project team that can demonstrate best practise in the successful delivery of an ICT project and nominations should demonstrate:

  • Did the project deliverables match or exceed initial objectives
  • Was the project completed to original timescale and budget
  • What external/internal obstacles were overcome to meet project objectives


The Shortlist

NHS 24 Organisational Improvement Programme

In 2017, NHS 24 made a commitment to Scottish Government to successfully transition the 111 Service on to a new technology platform. This focused on an initial ring-fenced transition of the 111 Service onto the SAP Application for NHS Ayrshire and Arran patients during Tranche 1 (T1), followed by a full national roll-out of the 111 service on the new system for the 13 remaining health boards and for the Scottish Emergency Dental Service in Tranche 2 (T2). NHS 24 successfully transitioned to the new technology on May 16 2017 for Ayrshire & Arran patients, before going on to full roll-out on 24 October 2017.


NHS 24, Scottish Centre for Telehealth & Telecare – cCBT National Rollout

Depression and anxiety are two of the biggest public health challenges in Scotland. Traditional approaches to treatment cannot meet the increasing demand for services with costs becoming unsustainable and wide reaching economic impact being felt in the health and care system and beyond.

cCBT is a large scale, high capacity technological solution for the treatment of depression and anxiety. Prior to this programme, the national deployment of a digital service to support mental health had not been achieved on an international level before. As such, the shared learning and experience from this programme has been proactively used as an example for other citizen-facing digital health and care initiatives, building on the robust foundation of programme management methodologies employed for cCBT.


Registers of Scotland – ScotLIS

Registers of Scotland is responsible for maintaining and compiling 19 public registers relating to land, property and other legal documents in Scotland. ScotLIS is an easy to use, map-based, online land information service. For the first time, members of the public, communities, professionals and business will be able to access comprehensive information about any piece of land or property in Scotland.

ScotLIS for business users delivers substantial improvements on previous RoS services to both customers and the business. Improved features include an interactive, searchable and layered map, improved searching capabilities, access to several of our registers, and a host of other features.


Stirling Council – Connecting to create Scotland’s fourth Gigabit City

In January 2017, Stirling Council announced its intention to be Scotland’s fourth Gigabit City and, by procuring a state-of-the-art full-fibre infrastructure – the city met its objective. The initial network was designed to connect over 30 council sites including council offices, schools and community facilities, transforming services and boosting productivity across council operations. It also offers ultrafast services to the majority of Stirling's 3000 businesses.

This trailblazing approach has paved the way for other Scottish cities and is set to become the Modus Operandi for them, as the LFFN wave 1 and 2 applications start to gain live funding from the programme.