June 27th 2018 | Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh


18 Jan
' Nominations Open '
4 May
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25 May
' Shortlist Announced '
27 Jun
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Connect Digital Leader Award

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This award will go to a CIO, Head of IT/ICT or overall Head of IT. The winner will be an individual who has consistently demonstrated excellence in leadership, innovation and quality in the use and promotion of IT in their organisation to improve delivery of public services. Nominations are welcomed from prospective nominees themselves, their staff, peers or partner organisations.


The Shortlist

Iain Ross, NHS Highland

Iain is a passionate ambassador for technology and is able to secure, through careful and thoughtful questioning, exactly what the 'customer' did not know that they needed. Iain is tireless in his quest to improve health and care for the benefit of patients, clients and staff. In his key corporate role, Iain has led the following changes:

  • Ward view implemented across all of NHS Highland acute wards to give a real time bed management approach to improve patient flow
  • NHSNearMe implemented in Caithness preventing the 200mile round journey for some patients and clinicians to allow high quality consultations in remote environments
  • Move to GP advice piloted in specialities to allow doctors and specialists to have a conversation that may prevent an unnecessary out-patient appointment, with the information being automatically uploaded onto their clinical systems.
  • E-vetting of referrals allows clinicians to access records and make recommendations electronically reducing the amount of administrative time required to support the process
  • Development of North of Scotland clinical portal allowing clinicians to share records and images seamlessly across large geography without need to travel, and to support multi-disciplinary meetings so that the patient has access to best knowledge and treatment.
  • Dedicated systems and outstanding connectivity provided to individuals to make agile working a reality for many teams, previously reliant upon being office based. This flexibility has supported new ways of working for clinical and non-clinical teams.
  • Critical wi-fi connectivity is now in place for guests and patients, to allow those people dependent upon specific applications to support their communication to be able to function effectively, as well as simply keeping families connected, taking pressure off of ward staff.
  • Supporting infrastructure for innovative projects like PillCam which allow patients to have less invasive but equally diagnostic tests in their own local GP practice though the use of satellite transmission from remote centres.


Peter Tolland, North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Councils data journey has led to a fundamental change in their culture and the way technology is used and processes are developed. This journey has needed inspirational leadership, clarity of vision, determination and innovation in the use of technologies and processes to deliver meaningful results over a timeframe spanning years. Peter has been the inspirational driving force behind:

  • The creation of a master citizen record and a customer portal that uses an inventive combination of technologies and processes to implement a transactional digital service capable of being used across multiple contact channels in an integrated way, underpinned by accurate and current customer data as part of an innovative master data management solution.
  • Creating governance groups. There is an Information Governance Working Group (IGWG), attended by Heads of service and Chaired by the Council’ Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO); providing linkages to Elected Members and the Corporate Management Team; and an Information Management Working Group (IMWG), Chaired by Peter, providing strategic and operational direction across the council.
  • The energy, commitment and leadership focus that has enabled transformational change to take place in not just technologies and processes but in the organisational culture and in the behaviour and expectations of customers. He has created a shared understanding and rolled this out as a shared journey, where everyone now understand that they are working together and that service transformation spans any one technology or process.


Martyn Wallace, Local Government Digital Partnership

Martyn’s inspirational leadership has contributed significantly to the success of the digital office as well as the appeal to attract new team members to join – building from CDO and CTO to a team of 7. Martyn’s success comes from engaging with both senior management at a strategic level as well as grass roots to just get things done – all stemming from his care about digital services benefiting the citizen. Notable successes include:

  • GDPR Readiness programme across all councils, launched in February 2018 and accessible to members through the Improvement Service Managed Knowledge Hub.
  • Digital Maturity Leadership – developing an exemplary framework and working with senior management teams in 8 organisations initially, now rolling out to the remaining councils and now seeing Health Service utilise this for Maturity in Health & Care Health and Social Care integration – collaborating with Health Boards, NHSSS and e-Health to develop joint solutions and data sharing.
  • Analogue/Digital Care platform solution by working with the providers, Ofcom, network suppliers to develop new solutions.